Bear Cave

Bear Cave

The Bear Cave is a karst formation represented by an ensemble of deep corridors formed by the phenomenon of natural limestone erosion under the action of infiltration waters.

The site is located in the southern portion of the Wine Valley, the largest travertine deposit in the Borsec Depression. The objective is part of the karstic ensemble of the Round Chair (natural reservation of the geological and botanical type). This reservation is located north of the city of Borsec and east of the Borsec resort, occupying an area of ​​40 hectares.

The Bears Cave from Borsec appears as an ensemble of deep and narrow corridors, long prolonged with niches, hollows and small caves, digested by natural erosion in the travertine deposits. Next to it, there is another similar cave called Hell’s Cerdac. You can reach the Bears Cave either from the resort, next to springs 10 (Kossuth), 11 (Petőfi), Poiana Zanelor and descending a little on a path marked with a red triangle. There are several signposts in Poiana Zanelor.

It can also be reached from the city, climbing the cemetery to the forested area between the two quarries.

The cave is accessible all year and is only recommended with the right equipment.

We must pay attention to the slippery stones in the cold season and the much cooler air in the cave during the warm season.

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