Main Spring (Source) No. 1

Main Spring (Source) No. 1

Main Spring no. 1 is one of the oldest springs.

It is captured for industrial use, being the source with the highest flow; is found at the end of the 7th Sources.

Brief history of the main spring no.1

Ötvös Ágoston calls it the Borsec spring. It was captured in 1770.

The first chemical analysis was conducted under the aegis of the Viennese Medical College in 1803, then by Pataki Sámuel in 1820, by Dr. Sheint in 1825, by Schnell Péter and Stenner Gottlieb in 1841 and 1851 by Dr. Than Károly University Professor in Budapest in 1873, then by Dr. Hankó Vilmos in 1890.

In 1927, at the suggestion of the composers of the two communes, analyzes were carried out at the Research Center of the Royal Hungarian Institute of Chemistry in Budapest. The analyzes were carried out personally by the Institute’s director Dr. Föhls Arthur himself. In the same year, the Balneological Company requested the analysis by the Faculty of Sciences of Cluj, under the guidance of the rector Ruzitzka Béla and the Institute of Chemistry in Bucharest, by J. Voicu and V. Grasu.

After Kurz’s description, the Main Spring was flowing into a 2-meter-long, 1-meter-long stone creek and the water is of such quality that it does not lose its strength and taste in 15 years. Chesh Károly, the balneologist of Borsec, says that “In the middle of Borsec, in covered pavilions and heated winter, four wells of tin go into a uniform fluid Borsec Borsec Borsec and four young secuience water day and night. This spring water makes beads, has a pleasant taste, and keeps it in the bottle even unsteady. ”

Hankó Vilmos says: “The water of the Main Spring is appreciated as one of the best waters, being undoubtedly the Queen of Mineral Waters.”

In 1962 he was recaptured by the plans of Bucharest engineer Mihail Vernescu. The realization was supervised by the geologist Artemiu Pricajan from Bucharest and Simion Bontideanu from Targu Mures. The memory of this recapture is plated in marble above the entrance.

“Among the 4 bottoms are bottles every 8 bottles of 1 pint, which in 365 days means 4 204 800 bottles of 1 pint, ie in 365 days were filled 6 307 200 liters of mineral water.” The year source is 8 million liters.

The water temperature is 7.5 – 8.9 ° C. It has the highest carbonic acid saturation.

Just 60 meters away was the first small-capacity bottling hall with its own power plant.

In Borsec, the Oelhofer-Walser bottling machines were used for the first time, which until then were the best bottling machines.

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